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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extreme recycling

It was the day we had been waiting for: sunny skies, warm-enough, little wind. It was the day we were going to get the windows from Roseway Community Hall and bring them back to the island. Eventually Greg will use these windows to build a greenhouse.

Roseway is an old village opposite McNutt's Island on the western shore of Shelburne Harbour. The community hall there was built a long time ago. It was a two story shingled building with beautiful big windows all around and a steeply angled roof. Instead of demolishing it, Skipper and Radar and Dave are deconstructing it. Various parts of the old hall -- moulding, flooring, some tongue and groove panelling -- will be used for various people's various projects. We asked for the windows. Not very much is going to waste from that old building, not even the outhouse.
When we got back to the boat with the windows, we discovered that the Easter Bunny had been on board in our absence. The Easter Bunny is very clever to have known our boat was at Fort Point today. The Easter Bunny gave us work gloves, pansies, and lots of chocolate. And when we arrived home, the Great Blue Heron was standing on the shore of the cove. All in all, it was an excellent day.

Roseway Hall, half-way deconstructed.

Skipper uses a complicated technique to take the flooring off the second story.

Skipper explains to me how I can remove the windows with a dinner knife.

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