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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our new work cart

Our new work cart started out as an old abandoned cart we had been eyeing for some time. We asked around, honest, but nobody knew anything about it. As Skipper says, lots of things come on the island, but nothing ever goes off. So we thought we would give it a home and a reason to live.

It needed a new hitch, though. So Skipper got us one at Princess Auto and replaced the old one. It needed a tire. So Skipper came up with a new-to-us tire. The plywood sides were pretty rotten and the floor was missing a bunch of boards so that stuff kept falling through, but we used it for a while as it was, and it did the job, mostly. It was, all in all, much better than a wheelbarrow.
Then something in the metal framework popped. Before Skipper took it to his shop to weld it back together, Greg took all the sides and flooring off so Skipper would only have to deal with moving the frame.
When we were exploring at the Horseshoe a couple of weeks ago Greg saw a 4'x8' piece of plywood lying on the rocks. It was the old sign for the Ensors' Island Cookhouse--a very cool sounding outdoor restaurant and island tour that doesn't happen anymore.

He was scavenging at the Point one day and realized that the old pump organ, which we had kicked out of the house when we were renovating, was still sitting out there. He started taking the pump organ apart and found lots of good wood inside.

So now the work cart's sides are from the Ensors' old sign and its floor and interior bench seats are from the pump organ that Elizabeth Hyde hauled over here in a skiff a long time ago.

Lots of things come on the island, but nothing ever goes off.

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