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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Audella Decker, the lightkeeper's wife

When Clara Dennis visited McNutt's Island in the 1930s she interviewed a lightkeeper whom she does not identify in her account of the trip. But she also took some photographs while she was here.
Clara Dennis NSARM accession no. 1983-468
Dennis identifies this photograph as "Lightkeeper's wife, Decker, McNutt's Island."

Beaumont Decker took over the lightkeeper's duties at Cape Roseway in 1919 and was still serving here during the Second World War. His wife's name was Audella. This is truly an unusual photographic record of the Cape Roseway light community in the 1930s.

This photograph can be found along with many fascinating images of Nova Scotian life from the early part of the twentieth century in NSARM's Virtual Exhibit of Clara Dennis.

Image courtesy of NSARM.

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Debbie Decker-Comeau said...

The Audella Decker, The Lightkeeper's Wife is my Great Grandmother and the spinningwheel she is pictured with is safe and sound in my livingroom and still proudly owned by a Decker !