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Monday, February 15, 2010

Reading locally: Bay of Fundy Blog

From deep within the Bay of Fundy, at Parrsboro, comes the blog called Bay of Fundy Blog. Here's what Terri writes in her profile:

So here I was on the Bay of Fundy, minding my own business, when I realized that normal people don't get to see 100 billion tonnes of seawater flowing back and forth in front of their kitchen windows every day. As someone who has grown up living and working here, I've taken it upon myself to blog my experiences with the highest tides on the planet.

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Really, you need to visit this blog. The photographs are amazing, the lay-out is lovely, and Terri's sparkly posts are fascinating takes on life in a very odd place indeed. You'll thank me for this.

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MargaretJ said...

Here's another blog you may enjoy - this one's from Brier Island in Digby Co.

I check yours and hers everyday along with the Digby webcam to get my NS "fix" for the day.

Margaret Jeddry
Nahant, MA & Meteghan, NS