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Thursday, September 16, 2010

a young hummingbird in the vegetable garden

This bird has been around in the garden, and for some reason today my presence had very little effect on him. After I watched him for a while and saw how still he was being, I ootched closer and closer.
Every once in a while he would take off to do his hummingbird thing.
Like tiny angel wings. If you accept that these are fiercely aggressive tiny angels.
He was pretty much sticking to the nasturtiums, which I'm glad I have kept picking so there are still fresh blooms.
You can tell when he's planning a move because his feathers ruffle. I was close enough to watch his eye-lids blinking and his throat swallowing.
By the time I got these pictures I was lying on my stomach in the garden path. It was very comfortable. I watched him for nearly an hour and was forced to rearrange the rest of the day's schedule because of it. I may never catch up.
I was close enough to watch his long tongue flick out to capture insects. But I never caught it on the camera.
Got this, though. He's after that bee. Would he really want a bee?
Samurai hummingbird.
Yes, he really wants that bee. Down his throat. Well, maybe once.


Janet said...

What a wonderful series of pictures, well worth the necessity of arranging the rest of your day - I do hope the little guy makes his departure at the right moment - all ours appear to be gone now.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What dedication - and I'm sure it was worth every glorious moment of it. The photos are fabulous.

Sus said...

Lovely pictures on this nice, wet, grey morning. Thank you!

Karen said...

sooo cute, these are a great photo capture!