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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

carrots & kelp, et cetera

Carla Allen has a report on her blog about the flooding in southwestern Nova Scotia, which has been severe.

On the island all is soggy but otherwise okay. The island is a swampy boggy wetland anyway. So now it's just more so. The weather was mild and calm this morning. Just right for a little amble.
Looking north I could see Sandy Point Lighthouse in the distance, as well as some houses near it on the mainland. The sun was just shining on them. I love the look of the sky in this picture.
Looking south I saw a lobster boat tied up at Mark and Patsy's camp.
Later, off she went. Probably going on a carrot run. You can never have too many.
The tide was very high.
A lovely little mushroom of some sort, loving this weather .
Rose hips against a skeleton forest.
The skeleton forest in all its glory.
About a dozen sheep were out on the point eating kelp. They love it when a storm pulls kelp from the ocean floor and pours it out along the cobble beach.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

i have heard about the rain...hopefully the sun will shine soon. those rose hips are gorgeous! looks like a wonderful amble!

Janet said...

As always, splendid pictures - our weather can be very annoying, but when a sky like that follows - wow!!!
All safe and snug here and although it's cold and still very windy at least it's no longer raining.

Janet said...

Wonderful moody photos as always - we finally saw the sun this morning - I was a little surprised that it's was still there!