In May 2011, after four years of life on McNutt's Island, we moved to Montreal. This blog remains, though, as a (sort of) daily record of our time on the island, and a winding path for anyone who would like to meander about among its magical places. For additional perspectives and insights I recommend Greg's book, Island Year: Finding Nova Scotia (2010), and my Bowl of Light (2012). I'll continue to post once in a while. If you do want to read this blog, one option would be to begin at the beginning of it (which is, as we all know, in blog-world, at the end), and read forward, concluding with the most recent entry. It's a journal, really, so it does makes more sense if you read it that way. But, you know, read it any way you like.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring scenery

It's a fresh day. Many times I have tried to capture the beauty of Old Man's Beard. At least this gives you some idea of it.
A home for somebody, in an old apple tree. This tree does not give many apples, but it provides other benefits.
The apple trees provide a good place for insects to live, too. And they, in turn, are a food source for birds, who make striking patterns on the bark.
A fresh spring sky today. Lots of wind and sun, and story-book clouds.


Sybil said...

Oh my ! That cloud turtle's shell has come right off !

Doug in Santa Rosa said...

Do you know what Old Man's Beard was used for by early American settlers?

Anne Yarbrough said...

No, what?

Doug said...

Went on a guided walk at a national park. The ranger asked the same question. I ventured a guess that the Old Man's Beard was used as stuffing for mattresses and pillows. Nope. The correct answer is... toilet paper. You learn something new every day, don't you?

Hazel said...

The bird that makes the regular hole pattern in trees is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.