In May 2011, after four years of life on McNutt's Island, we moved to Montreal. This blog remains, though, as a (sort of) daily record of our time on the island, and a winding path for anyone who would like to meander about among its magical places. For additional perspectives and insights I recommend Greg's book, Island Year: Finding Nova Scotia (2010), and my Bowl of Light (2012). I'll continue to post once in a while. If you do want to read this blog, one option would be to begin at the beginning of it (which is, as we all know, in blog-world, at the end), and read forward, concluding with the most recent entry. It's a journal, really, so it does makes more sense if you read it that way. But, you know, read it any way you like.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

launching a Bowl of Light

After dillying and dallying around about a book I've decided to just go ahead and publish it on my own. So, it's an e-book, called Bowl of Light, and it will be available through Kindle Books on in the next few days.

I'm quite happy with this book, which is a collection of essays, most of which began their lives as blog posts. The book is a whole nother kettle of fish from the blog. The strengths of a blog come from its immediacy and the sense that every day offers some surprising new variable. The strengths of a book come from a greater sense of coherence and maybe a greater reflective quality. Also, just as a music video may take away from the experience of a song by limiting the hearer's imagination, a blog's images can sometimes diminish the imaginative power of the written word.

On the home front, I think our grieving over the island is drawing to a close. I find that my gratitude for the experience has begun to outweigh my sadness over its loss. And here in Montreal, the epic struggle between light and darkness appears to have been decided in favour of light, once again. It's still cold, but the days are getting longer.


Sybil said...

I'm glad light is winning out over dark.

I still miss the island, and I've never been there ...

Janet said...

Anne: How wonderful to read your fresh posts. I miss going to your blog every morning over coffee - I miss your relay of one of the secret places that advancing age makes it impossible to visit in the flesh. I lived in downtown Montreal for several years back a lifetime ago and of any city, other than Halifax, that I know it's a winhner - loved it.
Hope you and Greg are well. I will definitely be acquiring the book.
All the best.

Bonnie said...

Surprised and thrilled to see even a few words from you Anne. I wish you much success with a Bowl of Light. Hello to Greg. I hope all is well with you both. Take care.

Hazel said...

I'm so happy to see you here again. After such a delightful visit to your island and your home, I was shocked to hear that you had to leave for some reason. Good to know that you are well and feeling the light again. I have Greg's book in my bookcase and will try to figure out how to get yours (without owning a Kindle), Anne. Best regards to you both.