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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still hopeful garden

It's hard to believe on this calm and sparkly day that Hurricane Bill is lumbering around south of here, checking out the late summer options. He'll just come on in if he feels like it. But we won't know for another couple of days what his plans actually are. Bill is a spontaneous kind of guy. In the meantime, the Kentucky Wonder wax beans have climbed up their teepee poles just like the seed packet promised.
The chard and the mustard greens have been the garden heroes this summer. I pick and pick and they keep on flourishing. I've planted more of both, to freeze for winter.
The eight fish bait boxes filled with lazy bed potatoes are coming along. The leaves in most of the boxes are turning yellow and brown, which is the sign that I can go ahead and pull out the potatoes. This one with its still-green leaves is a late variety. I forgot to write down which variety I planted in which box, so I'll never really know which ones did well and which ones didn't. I think I can leave them in the boxes for a while after they are ready to pull.
Since the summer got off to such a slow, wet start, I have replanted snow peas and more beans. Here you can see the snow peas coming up among the pea sticks, and the beans beyond them, where there used to be sugar snaps. Our frost date is late October, so I am hopeful that I will get another crop of snow peas or beans, or maybe, if I'm lucky, both.

Or Hurricane Bill may decide to visit McNutt's Island next Monday. If he does the garden will look a lot different in a few days.

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