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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

McNutt's geography: geocaching

Geocaching is a popular world-wide activity that involves the outdoors, a GPS, clues and hidden treasure (sort of). It's a bit like a scavenger hunt, or a game of hide-and-seek. A sense of adventure is really the main thing that's required!

One spring day a year ago we heard that the geocachers were coming to McNutt's Island. A small group had come over earlier to place containers or other indications of a cache around and about. The larger group arrived one sunny day to follow the clues and find as many of the caches as they could. You can read about it at the web site of The Atlantic Geocaching Association.
The caches are still on the island -- somebody told me that there are about forty sites -- and every now and then small groups of geocachers come over to search for them. When they find a cache, they open it up and sign their name in a log. Then they put it back exactly the way they found it, for the next person. I think at some of the sites they are supposed to take a picture of themselves there and send it in. And that's really all there is to it. This seems like an enjoyable way to experience a new place. Though at two thousand acres this is a big island and if you wanted to find all of the caches you would be doing a lot of hiking.

I wonder if I have seen a cache on the island and not realized what I was looking at. It could be...

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