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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Along the western shore

The weather this week has been sunny and mild, so today I went for a walk along the western shore, south of the cove.
I looked at old foundations of houses that once were along that shore. You can take a look at the A.F. Church Map of 1882 to see the names of six families who lived along here then.
I surprised the flock of sheep that lives down that way.
They decided to melt away into the woods, where they imagined they had become invisible.
One open area is defined by five big piles of rocks. They were cleared out of the ground to make a field long ago. They were thrown into piles on top of boulders that were too big to move. But the ground is still filled with rocks. There are several foundations along this shore. It was a good location for fishermen. They had no commute at all to get to work, since the fish were in their front yard. But it would have been a harsh place to live in winter, so exposed to ocean winds and storms.
Eventually I came to Sloop Rock, a conspicuous boulder about twenty feet high.
Soon after that the shore line turns toward the east, and the lighthouse is revealed, across a marsh.
It is always a joy to see Cape Roseway Light.
As I walked home in the dimming light, the hackmatack glowed golden -- the last of the trees to give up its autumn colour.

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