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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter walkabout

We went looking for an old graveyard yesterday. It seemed like an Easterly thing to do. And there is the vaguest rumour of there being a graveyard, somewhere. Though it is supposedly one with fieldstone markers. So, think about that. Fieldstone markers, two hundred years old, covered with lichen and moss and grass.

Anyway, it's one of our diversions, every so often, to wonder where you would make a graveyard, way back then, and then to go and look for it. Without having the slightest expectation of stumbling upon it or recognizing it if we did. But never mind.
Instead of a graveyard we found some of those really wild sheep, the ones that roam about in the vast southwest quadrant of the island.
We found a sign that somebody had left for somebody else.
And we saw the power of a sea that drags lobster traps off the ocean floor and twists them into strange shapes and tosses them along the cobble beaches;
and carves away the island, bit by bit.

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Anonymous said...

For some odd reason, we also went out to look around the local graveyard yesterday. Some of the headstones still in place date back to the mid 1800s. It overlooks the ocean and seems like such a peaceful place. No sheep though ;)