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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is coming

Signs of spring are different here. You don't see trees leafing out yet, and since most of the island's trees are spruce, there isn't any dramatic change anyway. The flowering of trees and bushes -- shadbush, apple, pear, wild cherry, rhodendron -- won't be happening for a while.
But one reliable sign of island spring is sheep lying down. Folks say they do this more often as their collective pregnancy advances.
Counting from the time Leroy dropped the rams off on the island -- December 22nd -- the lambs are due starting around the third week in May. I guess the flock is beginning to feel it.
It was quite amusing one day last week to see the ewes all taking it easy in the lower orchard, while the rams did the same in the back orchard. I wonder whether this is an example of sympathetic pregnancy.
Everyone is feeling a bit tuckered out.

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