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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

good-bye, rams

The rams were peacefully lounging about in the lower orchard this morning when Mary and Leroy came to get them. They gave up with only token resistance. Now at last they'll get rid of those hot wool coats they've been wearing all summer.At the end of the day they'll be going off to Ram Island, a well-earned vacation break after all their hard work here on McNutt's. We thought about throwing a going-away party for them yesterday, but a) they hadn't yet heard they were leaving and b) we didn't think they'd really enjoy a party. They are not party types.
So instead I leaned against the cart and talked to them while they lay panting in the shade of the log palace. I told them that I hoped they would be safe and happy on Ram Island, and that I hoped they would come back here in December. I told Bertie and Balzac and The Major that they had been very kind to young Fred.
I told them that I would miss them. And I will. They are comical and lovable fellows.


nika said...

why do they have to go away to Ram Island?

Anne Yarbrough said...

Nika, if they are off on Ram Island they can't impregnate any ewes. The shepherds want to make sure that next year's lambs are not born too early. The lambs have a better chance if they are born in late May, which means bringing the rams back to this island in late December. It's a complicated form of birth control.