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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

not deterred by fog and rain

We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Eastlink internet service to the island. It promised to be cheaper, faster, and more reliable than our satellite internet service. Eastlink has a contract with the province to make broadband internet available to everyone. Even the people who live in the Tobeatic Wilderness, or on an island.

So today Jason Doucet and Colin Boudreau came from Eastlink to set up the new service.They drove from Yarmouth in heavy fog and pouring rain to Fort Point, where Greg met them and brought them over in Chopper I. It was so foggy they could barely make out the wharf when they arrived. Then they docked and loaded their equipment into the cart which the ATV carried up to the house. It was that easy.
They spent a couple of hours or so at our house.
First they checked to make sure we would have a signal. Yes! It comes from Lower Sandy Point. Now we feel a new connection to the eastern shore of the harbour.
Here's some of their stuff. They brought lots more. They climbed ladders, ran cable, etc. It was all very technical, as you can see.
Their computer shows our location and the cell phone tower at Lower Sandy Point. Jason and Colin were terrific. We wish they would have to come back frequently, but they probably won't. Now they are off to install more internet all over southwest Nova Scotia. But we were their only job for today.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Amazing what technology can do - and a good boat and pilot in the fog.

Janet said...

Anne, this gives me new hope to finally enter the 21st century! I'm still on dial up due to a gap in cable service on my road, but if Eastlink has a mandate from the province, I will pursue the holy grail of high speed yet again. Thanks for the info.