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Monday, August 9, 2010

biking the island

A few intrepid adventurers have been exploring the island this summer. Brown Eyed Girl drops them off at the government wharf, then they walk to the light, or sometimes stop by our house to get their lunch and hitch a ride to the lighthouse in the McNutt's Island Express.

Today Sheldon and Laurel Scott and Ella McLeod and Brian Nickerson brought their mountain bikes with them on Brown Eyed Girl.
I think they had a lot of fun riding to the light and exploring the guns and the ghost barracks. After they stopped by here again they were going to ride down the lower road to the sheep pens at the head of the cove, and maybe go around to see the old cellar remains. You can cover lots of this big island when you're on a bike.

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Karen said...

OH, what a great day, and a great way to explore such a beautiful place!