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Monday, August 2, 2010

chicken dreams come true

I have always wanted to live in a place where chickens could wander about, clucking and pecking. Last evening after they had spent four days getting used to their new living arrangements, we opened the door of the pen and let the flock out. They had a great time. This morning they seemed pleased to go exploring for bugs, fallen apples, and whatnot.
I think Mary told me the chickens are Rhode Island Reds. A beautiful old breed.
They scared away a small flock of ewes and lambs last evening with their clucking. The sheep raced off down the path toward the fish house and safety. And I'm pretty sure the mink won't
stand a chance against Chevron, that best of all possible roosters. This really is a dream come true.


Sandi B said...

Looks like the hens are doing fine. Awaiting news of the goat. Any success with the milking?

Piecefulafternoon said...

Our kids had chickens when we lived in Kansas - it was great fun to watch them clucking about the yard - and they would jump up high and catch grasshoppers - of which Kansas had zillions. Only problem was when a tornado was coming and we had to round them up - they scattered like, well like a flock of chickens in a storm. LOL Our neighbor always came running out to help us.

Anonymous said...

I love chickens and yours are beauties. The neatest thing I know about them is how, at much the same time every evening, they will go back into their pen and tuck themselves in for the night, especially if there is a good roost.