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Monday, October 11, 2010

a day of gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, even though it seems like people actually celebrate by getting together for a big meal on the Sunday before it -- yesterday. Maybe that's only true of the little slice of Canada we know anything about, which would be Carleton Village and Gunning Cove.

Among many, many other things, today we are thankful that our boat, Chopper I, wasn't more seriously damaged when she grounded in the cove on the rocks in high winds on Saturday.
Skipper says we can be grateful that she is a Rosborough hull, renowned for its strength. In which case we are grateful to Skipper for finding Chopper I for us in the first place. We are also grateful that our neighbours Skipper and Jim both came racing over in their skiffs to Greg's rescue, and that our neighbour Robin helped later that night-- in darkness and continued strong winds -- when the tide was high enough for Chopper to get towed over to Skipper's dock.
Then grateful to Skipper for looking her over yesterday and working out the slight propeller damage. And for dropping off sea trout he pulled out of the gill net. Those high winds did bring some good things into the cove after all.


Janet said...

How very lucky you were that no lasting damage was done and that Greg is fine. Living the isolated life is all about good neighbours and preparedness.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving. ours is still a full month out. so happy your boat will be all better soon!