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Friday, October 15, 2010

looking for a place in Halifax for January to March

Dear Reader,
Greg and I are hoping we can find some sort of house-sitting situation in Halifax for January to March, or some part of that time. Maybe you might know of a place.

I would use that time at the Public Archives to work on a history of the lighthouse. Being in Halifax for an extended time is really necessary for this project, which I am passionate about. Greg would probably spend the time writing and revising his manuscript for a next book about our island life. So you see we would be very quiet and well-behaved house-sitters. We can also walk dogs and care for cats and water plants and forward mail, and we are, for the most part, fairly responsible people. Although we are island hermits we are able to clean ourselves up sufficiently to pass muster in the big city.
I would love to find something near enough to the Archives (at University and Robie) to be able to walk there. But really we would be delighted with any situation in town, since I'm sure there's a bus.

If you can think of any leads I hope you'll let me know, at



Mary Gordon Spence said...

Don't forget to include Dartmouth!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Anne, Contact the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia ( Ask to put an ad in the e-newsletter which comes out weekly, explaining what you're looking for. (You should belong to the Fed anyway, being as how you and your hubby are writers. It's only 45 bucks a year. )Good luck!

Anne Yarbrough said...

Excellent thought, Jodi. I will do that!