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Friday, March 18, 2011

early birds, and a fierce March wind

There are two song sparrows getting blown about in the side yard. They arrived the other day, the advance guard. They'll certainly have their pick of the best nesting spots by the time the laggards show up. I bet they're glad they got here first.The wind is fierce today, and cold. Environment Canada is clocking it at 55 km/hr with gusts to 70 km/hr at nearby Baccaro Point. It reminds me of the wild winds that March blew in on, only eighteen days ago.

All in all, an excellent day to stay indoors.

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Janet said...

wild and cold weather lately - my in the woodhouse and on the doorstep wood has gone and I'm forced to fetch it from around the corner of the house(in the teeth of the gale) - woe is me!
But it is nice to see a few more birds - although they seem to be shivering!