In May 2011, after four years of life on McNutt's Island, we moved to Montreal. This blog remains, though, as a (sort of) daily record of our time on the island, and a winding path for anyone who would like to meander about among its magical places. For additional perspectives and insights I recommend Greg's book, Island Year: Finding Nova Scotia (2010), and my Bowl of Light (2012). I'll continue to post once in a while. If you do want to read this blog, one option would be to begin at the beginning of it (which is, as we all know, in blog-world, at the end), and read forward, concluding with the most recent entry. It's a journal, really, so it does makes more sense if you read it that way. But, you know, read it any way you like.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a wild orchid on midsummer's eve

Today we saw our first Nova Scotia wild orchid, Dragon's Mouth.
We had gone exploring in a place we had never been before. It's a place where nobody goes, except during deer hunting season. Greg noticed a bright colour glimmering well beyond the path.
When we looked more closely this is what we found, in the middle of an open sphagnum bog.
After Dragon's Mouth is finished blooming it will look like nothing but a stalk of slender grass in the bog moss -- something I would never notice. So it was quite magical that we saw it today.

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