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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raking muck

If you are raking muck then I guess you are a muckraker. So that's what Greg is these days. His original project -- to clear the bog below our house of dead spruce trees and other unappealing stuff -- has morphed into recovering a pond he found hidden down there. This morphing process often happens with Greg's projects.
Greg finds potential where most of us would just see a bog.
To clear the pond he stands in it with his heavy rake and lifts out whatever he finds, which is mostly branches and muck. So far he has not turned up any ancient bog people.

The toads are cheering him on. They sit on the banks and trill and imagine that soon they'll have a watery home worthy of their collective dignity.
While Greg clears the pond, the three rams lounge about in the lower orchard and keep an eye on his progress. They themselves have undertaken no summer projects at all, but they do admire industriousness when they see it.

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