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Saturday, June 13, 2009

our brilliant careers

Greg has an article in the May/June issue of Coastal Life in western Nova Scotia. It's about Windward Flutes in Shelburne, makers of highly regarded wooden flutes.

The flutemakers, Forbes and Yola Christie, told Greg about a folk musician in Newfoundland who has become a great fan of their flutes. That reference put Greg in touch with Daniel Payne, whose CD Chain was named the Celtic Connections Album of 2008 by National Public Radio in the US.

Greg interviewed Daniel and now we are looking forward to visiting Newfoundland some day and seeing him in concert. It seems like things are always weaving together, somehow. Pretty good for living on an island, eh?
You can pick up Coastal Life for free locally in southwest Nova Scotia, or from 21 Hawthorn Street, Yarmouth NS B5A 1M9 (tel.902-742-7207). To subscribe in Canada it's $30 for six issues per year.

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