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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring lighthouse

I wanted to walk along the main road and pick up beer cans today. It seemed like a good way to welcome spring. This ancient island sign enjoins all passersby to not drop cans. A few people just ignore it, I guess.
Picking up cans is a great excuse to walk along the main road. And to tell the truth, I only filled half a contractor bag with cans, along with some plastic water bottles and glass beer bottles. That's really not much for a five kilometer-long stretch of road.

Half-way through my walk, I hitched a ride on an ATV -- ours -- and together Greg and I zipped up to the lighthouse.
We waved at a passing skiff.
They were enjoying the first day of spring, for sure.
As you cans see, the water was quite calm today.

I counted nineteen sheep at the light. They moved along when we arrived, but they didn't bother to go too far away.
They are enjoying the warm sun and the possibility of a change in diet (not that they don't like kelp). In years past they have been pretty scruffy by this time. But their coats look beautiful this year.
Cape Roseway Light welcomed spring today.

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