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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April daffodils

Here along the North Atlantic, April is a season of cold, rain, fog and wind.
It's an environment that pares things down and makes it easy to focus on one thing. A sparrow, for instance. The deer, their coats changing colour from winter grey to summer cinnamon, foraging for tiny fern shoots in the field behind the vegetable garden fence. A few daffodils against a rock wall.
In the last week or so their hardy qualities have shone. They have been rained on and snowed on and hailed on, endured freezes and been blown about.
In some other, busier place, I would not particularly notice daffodils. Or if I did I might take them for granted.
But here they have my undivided attention. I look and look, and they always make me glad.


Piecefulafternoon said...

They are lovely and brave little flowers. Love the rock wall too. So glad you have comments now!!!

Janet said...

As always in spring I have to keep telling myself to be patient - this week as I saw the snow and re-lit the woodstove I postponed picking up debris and raking, and preparing my little raised bed for a planting of peas and mesclun.
Back to carrying firewood instead!
I love those moody pictures of daffodils and old stone walls.
Did you know at one point in early settlement there was a government grant for building stone walls?
Janet in Hall's Harbour

aliceinparis said...

So cheerful and bold and resilient! I love daffodils and their appearance signals Spring to me and a return to milder weather:)