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Monday, May 17, 2010

cinnamon ferns unfolding

Cinnamon ferns rise from clumps built up over years of previous fern growth and decay
This is the season when you can see their essential structure.
Soon their huge dark green fronds will be fully open. All summer they will dominate their immediate neighbourhood. It will be hard to remember the beauty of this early phase.


MargaretJ said...

Wondering if you have fiddleheads on the island?

Anonymous said...

I'm always so impressed at the variety of ferns in Nova Scotia woods. These cinnamon ones are especially beautiful.

Terry J. Deveau said...

I don't believe these cinnamon ferns can be eaten as fiddleheads, but they do have an edible "heart". Pull the whole plant out of the ground, either now or later when they are bigger; there is a single heart core at the base of the cluster of fronds that is tender and edible.

Charley said...

This is cool!