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Thursday, June 3, 2010

sociable island

Alan and Cathy have been visiting the island for a few days, and Mary and Leroy were planning to come over to take a look at the new-born lambs. So they all came for brunch. Afterwards, Leroy gave us a sheep-herding demonstration. Luckily the rams just happened to be lazily lying about in the back orchard, as they so often are. So they were of some use for once.It's all in the dog, Leroy says. But he and Mary train their dogs extremely well. And they recognize when a dog has exceptional potential. So it's all in the training too, I imagine.
I think the rams were a bit surprised at having to hop to. There was an amusing effort to make a group run for it. But they were out-maneuvered. After that they fell into line. After all, they are pretty well trained too.
As you can see Leroy just stands around doing nothing. I don't understand how he wins prizes at sheep herding trials when this is all he does.
It's the border collie who runs the show, simply with the power of her hard stare.

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Janet said...

I'm so glad to see you're back with us in cyberspace. Last couple of posts have been great - I love the look of contained tension a good sheep dog carries to her/his work.