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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Island Year at Yarmouth County Museum June 26th

Greg will be reading from Island Year: Finding Nova Scotia on Saturday June 26th at the Yarmouth County Museum on Collins Street in downtown Yarmouth. He'll sign copies at 2:00; then at 2:30 he'll talk about writing, read from the book, and take questions. I have reason to believe it will be a most enjoyable way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon.

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Terry J. Deveau said...

While Greg is there (and you, if you join him), be sure to look at the Yarmouth "Runic" Stone, on display in the main museum hall, near the entrance. This inscribed stone is very controversial, and has dramatically impacted the cultural and economic history of Yarmouth.

Despite conventional wisdom regarding this artefact, which is summarized here, my own opinion is that it is a genuine inscription made much more than 400 years ago, but not by the Norse.

The Museum is considering having a scholarly conference on the subject next summer.