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Saturday, June 5, 2010

our nearest neighbour

This maritime garter snake lives under our house. She sleeps there all winter, but this time of year she likes to bask in the sun near the picket fence that runs along the side of the house. If anything alarms her she flows gracefully inside the fence and waits until she feels safe again.
I'm glad she has not moved away, even though no doubt we try her patience at times. I'm forever nearly stepping on her. But I always apologize. Maybe she knows we are trying to be peaceable, in our big clumsy way.

All of our nearest neighbours are shy, but she is perhaps the shyest.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of a lovely creature. Maritime garter snakes have three phases: unstriped, black and striped. I've only ever seen them in their unstriped phase.

Karen said...

I did not know about the three phases, interesting! I would have a snake as a pet if not for their need to consume other live things..they are beautiful in their own way.